Amy D. Kilpatrick

CEO, Co-Founder, Lead Nspired Strategist

Amy D. Kilpatrick is a marketing and growth strategist for business professionals who are on fire to achieve their goals and want to create a business growth development plan that WORKS!
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Julia S. Hoyle

Nspired Strategist Level III

Julia has the heart of an entrepreneur. With over 27 years’ experience in non-profit administration and consulting, Julia has a passion for helping businesses become more productive and profitable. As a trainer for Nspired Business Solutions, her mission is to educate business professionals on how to grow their businesses.
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David A. Crumbaugh, CPA

CFO, Co-Founder, Nspired Strategist Level III

David A. Crumbaugh, CPA, is a longtime entrepreneur, and sought-after speaker on tax and business development, and strategic alliance relationship development.
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