How many of you get excited when you see your name or business tagged on a social media post that is asking for a recommendation? 


Get a phone call that starts with, "You were recommended"? 

Or even better... 

"You don't have to tell me what you do... I am ready to get started!"


Well, YOU can experience this when you have developed a sustainable REFERRAL PIPELINE

Referral Marketing is an efficient and effective system for developing clients and growing your business!

Who is this course for?

If you answer "YES", to any of these questions then this course is for you?

  • Are you a small business owner, solo-prenuer, or professional that is responsible for the growth development of the business?

  • Do you desire to provide your products/services to your IDEAL CLIENTS that are generated for you without having to pay for leads or rely on cold-calling processes?

  • Do you need help BUILDing, EXECUTing, and MAINTAINing a referral pipeline that allows you to effectively and efficiently work ON and IN your business with ease, confidence, and SUCCESS?

  • Are you ready to improve your prospective success and marketing profitability with a ZERO-COST referral generation program?

  • Do you desire to build your COMMUNITY BRAND EQUITY?

  • Would your business benefit from developing a referral marketing strategy with INDUSTRY COLLABORATORS, STRATEGIC ALLIANCES, AND POWER PARTNERS that will cross-promote your business for a steady stream of high-value prospects?


I have picked some of my favorite fundamental lessons to share with YOU!

  • Build it.

    We will be breaking down the DIFFERENCE between Sales Mode and Networking Mode and how they relate to your Referral Marketing Plan. NOTICE & SEEN + PERCEPTION & IMAGE = RESULTS EVERYONE DESIRES!

  • Execute IT.

    You will learn 5 Types of REFERRALS you can generate for your business. With a focus on WHO would be your target referral for each type and HOW to generate the referral. Creating a strategy that you can implement IMMEDIATELY!


    One of the biggest challenges most professionals have is getting the right referral partners to engage with them. I will share with you my "ALWAYS GET A YES!" technique. Prospecting for IDEAL REFERRAL GENERATORS is key to creating a strategy for developing IDEAL CLIENTS. My simple, yet powerful technique makes this EASY!

I hope by sharing these lessons you will begin to learn how referral marketing can ACTIVATE your bottom line!

Your Nspired Strategist!

CEO & Co-Founder, NBS Strategist

Amy Kilpatrick

Amy D. Kilpatrick is a marketing and growth strategist for business professionals who are on fire to achieve their goals and want to create a business growth development plan that WORKS! Amy is passionate about helping others grow their business and providing them the tools that can make an impactful difference in their lives. Whether it's a gentle nudge in the right direction or building a strategic plan from the ground up, her energy and creativity are an asset to any business professional. Her professional background gives her a unique ability look at her client's businesses from an elevated "birds-eye" perspective while at the same time create "in-the-trenches" processes that help her clients reach their goals. Amy's holistic approach has proven to be extremely beneficial to her clients. No more waiting around to build your SUCCESS STRATEGY. Start TODAY! Amy has designed several packages that work for different entrepreneurial styles and individual goals. She works with her clients by both 1-on-1 coaching and online training. She understands the need for engagement at different levels of budgets, so she likes to recommend a plan that works best for each client. You can connect with Amy on her Facebook page @SuccesswithAmyK

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